Our aim is to create and placing on the market preparations to ensure that patients complete comfort and assurance of effective therapy.


Who we are

Nes Pharma is a modern, dynamically developing Polish pharmaceutical company. In their daily work in the first place we put the welfare and health of the patient. We specialize in products based on natural formulas and the latest solutions laboratory of the pharmaceutical industry, offering high quality formulations to support the treatment of ailments, among others, in the field of rheumatology, gastroenterology and trauma medicine.

We rely on years of experience of science and technology of our partners, we are introducing their own innovations too. As the initiator of clinical trials Nes Pharma is working every day with Polish university research centers.

About our good image of the care of our patients.


Availability and information policy

Nes Pharma products are available in pharmacies throughout the Polish. We work with all pharmaceutical wholesalers in the country. We provide informational materials about products, we also presentations on the indicated series of formulations Nes Pharma.

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